How to convince your Finance Director to agree to an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

You’re a human resources manager who has decided that an Employee Assistance Programme is an ideal benefit for your workforce for the following reasons: –

· It’s a very popular benefit with employees
· A workforce with good mental health is likely to be more productive
· An EAP will help meet your duty of care obligations

The next stage is to approach your Finance Director to sell the idea to him or her. This is often not as easy as it may seem, as an FD is likely to ask how the company will benefit from the EAP, as well as its employees.
In order to help you with this negotiation, Health Matters now has access to an EAP ROI calculator for UK-based companies. Using this tool, we can forecast the expected Return on Investment (ROI) that your company can expect from the introduction of an EAP. All we need is: –

· Number of employees covered
· Your location in the UK
· Your industry
· The type of EAP chosen
· The cost per employee
· The estimated % usage

The ROI figure is very powerful and should help you to persuade your Finance Director to fund your EAP.

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