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The Rising Popularity of Employee Assistance Programmes

Working in the international division of a specialist healthcare broker, I’m receiving an ever-increasing number of enquiries for employee assistance programmes (EAPs) from companies with international workforces. So why the recent explosion of interest? Over…

Health Matters Receives Cyber Essentials Certification

  We’re delighted to announce that Health Matters has successfully completed the Cyber Essentials assessment and the company is now certified for 12 months from 10th June 2019. The certification shows our commitment to ensuring…

5 Benefits of an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) for Employers

Why Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) are so important to Expatriates

Moving overseas can be a stressful experience for employees, who must quickly adapt to their new circumstances. Their new location will often have a different climate, time zone, culture, law, currency etc. which can take…

Health Matters’ New “Services” Brochure is Published

We’re pleased to show you our new brochure, which highlights the services that we offer our clients.