Group International Private Medical Insurance

If you’re sending an employee on an overseas assignment for the first time, or if you already have employees based overseas, you have the responsibility to make sure they have the most appropriate health insurance cover to meet their unique requirements.

Each expatriate’s circumstances are different and having the best health insurance in place means that you will not only have met your duty of care obligations, but you will be helping to maintain a fit and productive workforce.

At Health Matters, we use our vast experience to help you make the right choice on behalf of your staff. Once we have determined your requirements, we will review the market and shortlist two, or three products, which we believe will meet your employees’ expectations. We will consider local legislation, benefit design, types of underwriting, area of cover, hospital networks, ease of claiming and, of course, level of premium.

Once you have chosen your preferred plan, we will guide you through the application process to help ensure a smooth inception. We can explain to your employees how the scheme works, either face-to-face, or by webinar. We will then appoint an experienced account manager to help you manage your scheme throughout the year and provide assistance if any problems occur. Several weeks prior to renewal, we will negotiate the best possible renewal terms with your existing insurer, or recommend a change of insurer if a more appropriate product becomes available.

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Our service is impartial and free of charge.

Benefits for Employers

  • Peace of mind for your employees who will be able to obtain medical advice and treatment when required
  • Helps maintain a happy, healthy and productive workforce
  • A vital component of your duty of care to your employees
  • A highly valued benefit which helps with the recruitment and retention of staff

Benefits for Employees

  • 24-hour helpline (available in many languages)
  • Easy access to quality medical facilities overseas
  • Cashless settlement of in-patient claims. Rapid settlement of outpatient claims
  • Medical evacuation to appropriate medical facilities if unavailable in your location

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a claim?

Most insurers require you to pay for your outpatient treatment and send them a copy of your invoice for reimbursement.
In-patient and day case treatment normally requires pre-authorisation, meaning you need to contact your insurer prior to receiving treatment. This allows them to check that your treatment is eligible for benefit. They will then contact the hospital or clinic to confirm that they will pay for your treatment.

How long does it take an insurer to pay a claim?

International insurers are becoming far more efficient at reimbursing outpatient claims. Several insurers have developed smartphone apps, which allow you to take a copy of your invoice and send it to them electronically. If the claim is eligible, you will be sent payment by bank transfer. The process should take around 10 working days, or less.

What happens if I'm in a remote location with no decent hospital facilities?

You should contact your insurer's helpline and explain the situation. Most international insurers provide cover for medical evacuation and will arrange for you to be transported to the nearest appropriate medical facilities where you can receive your treatment.

What happens if I'm rushed into hospital in an emergency?

In an emergency situation the hospital staff will be keen to speak with your insurer at the earliest opportunity. It is therefore advisable to carry your membership card with you at all times. Once contact has been made with the insurer, the treatment plan can be authorised for payment.

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